• Professional Therapeutic Aids for All Visual, Eye Movement and Bilateral Stimulation Treatment Procedures
  • Light and Color for Potentiating Therapy for Healing
  • Facilitates Therapies for Recovery from Trauma, Depression, and Pain


SpectraPro™ is a visual stimulation device designed for professional use as a therapeutic aide. The device contains three resident programs, each designed to facilitate treatment of specific conditions. Four LEDs mounted in the eyeglass frame provide light simulation. The LEDs are mounted on the periphery of clear lenses so the patient/client can see during treatments. The LED duty cycle (time the lights remain on with each pulse) has been elongated to provide maximum stimulation efficiency with minimal discomfort. SpectraPro™ is available in all of the important therapeutic colors. The devices are battery operated so clients can move freely in the therapy environment as required. SpectraPro™ can also be prescribed for client’s home use.


Therapeutic Colors Available for the SpectraPro™:

    • White: Full Spectrum
    • Pink: White with Diminished Red
    • Green: 510 nm
    • Amber: 590 nm
    • Red: 650 nm

Therapists working with the various eye movement, bilateral stimulation and energy medicine methods use specific wavelength frequencies to invoke specific emotional states or valence. For example, 590 nm has been associated with themes related to perception of self; 510 nm has been associated with grief relief and expression (crying); 650 nm has been linked to flight, depersonalization and rigidity; Pink, not a color but a blend, has been associated with spiritual states of mind. The emotional state of the patient/client is a determinant factor in manifestation of the effects of the specific wavelengths as noted in the above generalizations. Specific wavelength frequencies are also used to target or activate specific body vicinities. For example, wavelengths in the 480 – 510 nm range are often used to activate the trapezius and the shoulder areas whereas 590 - 650 nm has be linked to the naval.

How To Use

SPECTRAPro™ contains three resident programs, each designed to facilitate treatment of specific brainwave conditions.

This program is the first program that is accessed by pressing the switch one time. This program can be useful for reducing fretting and worry, and for reducing distressing thoughts and fears and is used in a fashion similar to that of eye movement desensitization therapies. Start SpectraSweep, wait about one minute, and then focus the client’s attention on the distressing thoughts associated with their anxiety. They will find that they have difficulty keeping the thoughts in mind and this will be associated with feeling less distraught.

Frontal balancing of brainwave amplitudes is also improved with SpectraSweep™ and thus is useful as aid in treatment of mood disorders. Instructions for home use: WHILE SEATED turn on the SpectraSweep™ program by pushing the control switch once. A pulsing light will be seen moving back and forth between each eyepiece. Some clients will find that they can read while using the SpectraSweep™ program. However, many clients prefer to simply sit quietly with eyes open or closed.

This program is used for enhancing cognitive efficiency. Typically it is used while reading, writing or other cognitive activity. SpectrAlert™ is designed to suppress slow frequency brainwave amplitude and to increase the dominant frequency in the Alpha brainwave range (8 to 12 cycles per second). These features help with improving cognitive efficiency for children and adults, and are helpful for maintaining good mental functioning in elderly clients. The extended duty cycle of the LEDs in the programs provide stimulation in the effective frequency range with minimal discomfort to the user. Instructions for home use: WHILE SEATED turn on the SpectrAlert™ program by pushing the control switch two times. A pulsing light will be seen in each eyepiece. The pulsing lights will be the same in both lenses. Simply read or perform some other activity such as writing, calculations, puzzles, etc. while looking through the lighted lenses of the SPECTRAPro™ glasses.

NOTE: Some clients need corrective lenses to be able to read with the SPECTRAPro™ glasses. An Optician can insert standard reading magnification corrective lenses or the SPECTRAPro™ can often be worn over the client’s corrective lenses.

This program is used to affect mood state. Client’s engaged in therapy can be exposed to the various colors available with SPECTRAPro™ to facilitate specific elicitation of specific mood states.
Instruction for home use: SpectraSerene™ can be used while the client is engaged in other activities so the client does not have to remain confined to the area illuminated by a fixed light source. Research has shown that the lights are most effective when used early in the morning. Many clients put the glasses on as soon as they get out of bed in the morning and wear them until they leave the house. However, SpectraSerene™ can be used at any time throughout the day with benefit.


Persons subject to any form of seizures or epilepsy, using a pacemaker, or suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorder, should not use the SpectrAlert™ or the SpectraSweep™ programs without medical supervision. Photosensitive seizure disorders are rare but sensitivity can be increased if you are currently taking stimulant or psychotropic medications, alcohol or non-prescription mind altering drugs. The low intensity lights used in the SPECTRAPro™ are effective for inducing mental quiet. However, if you feel uncomfortable or are bothered by the flashing lights, stop the session and consult with the healthcare provider who prescribed the SPECTRAPro™ before further use.

It is also important to inform the patient/client that specific colors may arouse specific mood states. Although part of the therapy and the basis for the recommendation for home use, the client should be aware of the possibility for intensifying unpleasant or anxiety producing mood and emotional states.


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