A leader in the research and development of products for neurophysiological healthcare professionals, Soundhealth Products Inc., has a range of sound healing CDs and MP3s for neurotherapy & biofeedback. We also carry brain regulation and optimization products for the general public. All products have been thoroughly researched and subjected to stringent quality control.

The products are designed to modify brain and physiological functioning to be used adjunctively to help improve various conditions including depression, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity problems, anxiety, sleep problems, phobia and addiction disorders. Soundhealth Products’ creator, neurotherapist and biofeedback expert, Dr. Paul G. Swingle, is also the former director of the Swingle Clinic (www.swingleclinic.com) established in 1998. The clinic is regularly visited by more than 14,000 people a year from all over the world.

Soundhealth Products Inc. is the leader in the development of low sound techniques that improve brain functioning. Dr. Paul Swingle is the internationally recognized authority in the field of low sound pressure psychoactive acoustics. Dr. Swingle’s book "Subliminal Treatment Procedures: A Clinician’s Guide" is the classic text in the field of clinical application of subtle energy stimulation and sound healing. In addition, the company produces products with other forms of stimulation including microamperage, light, and magnetic fields.

EVERY neurotherapy, biofeedback, and sound healing product marketed by SoundHealth Products, Inc. has been thoroughly researched to determine the exact effects on brainwave functioning. SoundHealth products are useful not only for helping with specific problems but are used by many as general aids to enhance relaxation, sleep and attention. Some products are used by the elderly to keep the brain sharp, and college students use harmonics to aid in their studying.

The professional division supplies products for clinicians in many areas of specialization.