Improve Concentration / Mozart™- Strengthens Creativity Brainwaves

  • Mozart™- Strengthens Creativity Brainwaves

Mozart™- Strengthens Creativity Brainwaves

  • Increases Alpha brainwaves thus increasing creativity
  • Helps writers with story development
  • Used by therapists to treat clients with emotional trauma
  • Increases night time dreaming


The Mozart™ harmonic incorporates the technical characteristics of music composed by Mozart embedded in specially blended filtered “pink” noise. Brainwave assessments have shown that the Mozart™ harmonic increases the amplitude of a brainwave that is associated with body quieting. It also often reduces the elevated amplitude of very slow frequency brainwaves. 

Frequently used in the treatment of seizures, Mozart™ has also been found to be helpful for clients with fibromyalgia. The body quieting effect helps to reduce the discomfort of fibromyalgia and the slow frequency suppression helps with “fibrofog,” the cognitive problems often reported by fibromyalgia patients. 

And, if you are an artist having some creative blocks, try Mozart™ in your studio. Many artists report that this harmonic really boosts creativity.



Music can make us happy, or sad. It can make us feel more relaxed, or excited. And research with school children has shown that some types of music actually improves concentration and learning. Research has shown that all components of music such as rhythm, harmony, cadence, loudness and lyrics influence brain activity.

After many years of research, it was determined that specific musical patterns reliably increased the strength of Alpha brainwaves. These patterns were embedded in SoundHealth Products’ proprietary masking sounds for a very unique aid to the creative process. Alpha is a particularly important brainwave. It is related to brain efficiency, visualization skill, dreaming, and creativity.

Creative people usually have very strong Alpha brainwaves under some conditions. But Alpha strength can be diminished by negative emotions as well as some other conditions. When this happens many artists experience creative blocks. Mozart™ has been found to very helpful in restoring Alpha and the artist’s creativity.

How To Use

A unique application of Mozart™ has been to aid in learning complex visual information including mathematics, spelling and design. Some children with unusual forms of attention deficit disorder find Mozart™ really helps them with learning. This condition is quite different from most forms of ADD in that rather than having an excess of slow brainwaves these children have limited Alpha brainwave strength.

Is your dream life poor? Such limited dream activity and recall can be related to limited Alpha strength. Try playing Mozart™ just before you go to bed.

Try Mozart when you meditate. If you’re not just counting breaths, Mozart™ can jump start the increase in slow frequency brainwave amplitude that is associated with a deep meditative state.

Mozart™ has been found to be very useful for facilitating release of emotional trauma. Further information on the clinical use of Mozart™ is available to professionals by contacting our Vancouver clinic.


Susan C from Victoria, British Columbia writes books for children. She was experiencing writer’s block. She couldn't seem to develop her plot to finish one of her books. A few days of listening to Mozart while at her writing desk did the trick and she finished the book in two days.


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