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  • Emote™- Sounds for Stimulating Emotional Experience

Emote™- Sounds for Stimulating Emotional Experience



  • Sounds for stimulating an emotional experience
  • For use with clients under treatment for emotional dysregulation and mood disorders

Emote™ is a treatment procedure designed to facilitate emotional experience, release or abreaction for clients under treatment for emotional dysregulation and mood disorders. Emote™ is particularly useful as a treatment aid for clients in neurotherapy. It is designed to evoke emotional expression after brainwave anomalies have been or are under treatment. Such clients include those with a history of severe depression who have recently titrated off antidepressants. These clients often manifest as emotionally blunted and respond efficiently to EMOTE™ for facilitating feeling. Clients with post traumatic emotional stress can often be abreacted during therapy sessions with exposure to EMOTE™.


Subliminal stimuli (sounds) are presented at energy levels (i.e., sound pressure levels) that are below the conscious recognition threshold. These stimuli are processed subconsciously and can affect mood, behavior, physiological arousal, and neurological state. Research has indicated that subliminal stimuli used in Emote™ can influence the autonomic nervous system (e.g., heart rate) and the central nervous system (e.g., brainwave amplitude). Laboratory and clinical trials have indicated that the subliminal sounds used in Emote™ increase slow frequency brainwave amplitude. During states of increased slow frequency amplitude the client is often more susceptible to emotional stimulation.

How To Use

Emote™ is generally used after the client has been in neurotherapy to correct any dysregulations in the frontal regions of the brain. It is also usually best to delay use of EMOTE™ until the client has been titrated off any psychotropic medication so the client can beneficially experience emotional reactions. Some therapists have found Emote™ to be useful for assessing therapeutic progress in that clients report feeling relaxed rather than anxious during exposure.


EMOTE™ is indicated as an adjunctive treatment for clients in therapy for the treatment of emotional stress, emotional dysregulation and mood disorders. This product is not designed as a stand-alone treatment for such conditions but to be used adjunctively to other therapies.


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