Relaxation / Soothe™- Quiets the Body

  • Soothe™- Quiets the Body

Soothe™- Quiets the Body

  • Effective for headaches and pains caused by tension
  • Reduces mental chatter
  • Helpful for controlling high blood pressure
  • Quiets your tense body
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Active and passive relaxation
  • Improves energy


Relaxation exercises have to be individually suited to the person to be effective. If not, the person can end up feeling worse than they felt before beginning the relation exercises. Soothe™ includes two different forms of muscle relaxation, one active and one passive so that virtually every person will find at least one suitable to their needs.

With Soothe™ you will be very surprised at how your efficiency improves and you emerge from your workday feeling rested, fulfilled, and content. Body quiescence clears the mind, facilitates rapid revitalization, and conserves energy output. A tense body is a serious drain on energy that is far better applied to more important uses. Muscle relaxation exercises help you conserve that vital energy.


The active progressive muscle relaxation is one of the first truly useful relaxation exercises. It has been refined based on careful research to identify the most effective timing and cadence. Verbal instructions guide you to tense and relax every important muscle grouping in the body, resulting in a profoundly calming effect.

The passive imagery exercise can be used after the progressive muscle relaxation exercise. The imagery exercise guides you to mentally relax important muscle groups. 

How To Use

Once you decide on the exercise that is best for you, try doing the exercise at a specific time each day.

Some people find the most benefit by using either the active of the passive form exclusively whereas others like to alternate between the two forms.

Jimmie, from Boston, reported that after his first use of the active Soothe™ exercise, “the squirrel cage in my head quieted down.”

Maggie, from Ottawa, wrote “it’s so wonderful to be off analgesic medication and headache free. I use the exercise (passive form) every day and I haven’t had a headache for 8 weeks (it was almost daily before treatment).”


  • Mary Jo Sabo, Ph.D., BCI

    We have been using your Attention CD in the Yonkers School District since Feb, of 1998. We have had outstanding results using the tape and have noticed a significant reduction in aberrant behavior in the children using the CD. In each of the 3 sch...
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  • GK, Vancouver

    In experimenting with Dr. Swingle's Attention CD, I discovered that the sound produced a calming effect for me. I was particularly pleased with the impact it had for reading as it definitely increased my concentration and ultimately my comprehension.
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  • PZ, Ottawa

    ...In all probability you have forgotten my visits with you approximately ten years ago when I was referred to you by A.K. However, the reason I am writing you is to see if it would be possible to obtain a copy of the relaxation CD you gave me whe...
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  • CC, Ottawa

    I just want to let you know that I am fine. I have had very few headaches. I am using my relaxation CD and the exercises you gave me. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. It is a miracle to be headache and fiourinal free! Since...
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  • NC, Elementary School Teacher, Peace River, Alberta

    Our problem was that we originally only ordered two Attention CDs. The two teachers who had the most immediate and dramatic results with their students would not loan their CDs for the rest of the staff. When I listen to the CD, it appears to have...
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  • Dr. Claire Hawes

    My client made more progress after one use of (Sweep™) than in weeks (of regular EMDR therapy).
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  • Dr. Lee Pulos

    My patients prefer Sweep 3 to 1 over the EMDR stimulator.
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    I'm fairly jaded by 'gimmicks' and not easily impressed. Spectra however is really special and very impressive. Loved the instant meditative mental state that was stimulated. ...just the thing [that] alcohol treatment centres need. Unless there's ...
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