Harmonic Sleep™- Fall Asleep Fast, Naturally and Peacefully

  • Harmonic Sleep™- Fall Asleep Fast, Naturally and Peacefully

Harmonic Sleep™- Fall Asleep Fast, Naturally and Peacefully

  • Reduces the time required for sleep onset
  • Effective for restorative sleep
  • Aids persons with high stress and pain
  • Reduces intrusive thoughts and mental noise


Harmonic Sleep™ has been found to have two effects routinely reported by patients. First, the harmonic increases feeling of tiredness. Secondly, the harmonic reduces the intrusive thoughts, or mental noise, that so often can interfere with sleep onset or can prevent sleep resumption after premature awakening.


Poor sleep quality is a common problem with many people. Harmonic SleepTM was designed specifically to improve sleep and has been found to be very efficient for this purpose. Played VERY softly in the background during bedtime, clients report improvements in many features of their sleep. 

The Data!
A recent study of nonbenzodiazepine hypnotics effect on sleep onset latency found that the drugs reduced sleep latency by about 22 minutes (patients subjective estimates were in the range of 7 minute improvement). Considered a modest improvement relative to the side effect risks of memory loss and impaired balance (British Medical Journal, 2005; 331:1169) and early mortality (BMJ, 2012; 2:e000850), the FDA has announced that it is recommending lower doses.

Harmonic SleepTM was tested with multi-night EEG sleep monitoring. Harmonic SleepTM was found to be effective for reducing sleep onset latency in 77 percent of the clients. Sleep onset, overall, was 10.4 minutes faster with all clients who responded to the treatment and for those with more severe sleep onset latency problems, the improvement was 15.8 minutes faster sleep onset. No side effects have ever been reported by clients using Harmonic SleepTM.

How To Use

The effects are best when the CD is played softly in the background. The sound volume should be just above room ambient (you can just hear the sound above normal room noise). Harmonic Sleep™ sounds like the gentle “whooshing” of wind or the “shush” of an air conditioner. Although most people use Harmonic Sleep™ with speakers, headphones can be used. Just remember to keep the volume very low.



  • Mary Jo Sabo, Ph.D., BCI

    We have been using your Attention CD in the Yonkers School District since Feb, of 1998. We have had outstanding results using the tape and have noticed a significant reduction in aberrant behavior in the children using the CD. In each of the 3 sch...
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  • GK, Vancouver

    In experimenting with Dr. Swingle's Attention CD, I discovered that the sound produced a calming effect for me. I was particularly pleased with the impact it had for reading as it definitely increased my concentration and ultimately my comprehension.
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  • PZ, Ottawa

    ...In all probability you have forgotten my visits with you approximately ten years ago when I was referred to you by A.K. However, the reason I am writing you is to see if it would be possible to obtain a copy of the relaxation CD you gave me whe...
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  • CC, Ottawa

    I just want to let you know that I am fine. I have had very few headaches. I am using my relaxation CD and the exercises you gave me. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. It is a miracle to be headache and fiourinal free! Since...
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  • NC, Elementary School Teacher, Peace River, Alberta

    Our problem was that we originally only ordered two Attention CDs. The two teachers who had the most immediate and dramatic results with their students would not loan their CDs for the rest of the staff. When I listen to the CD, it appears to have...
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  • Dr. Claire Hawes

    My client made more progress after one use of (Sweep™) than in weeks (of regular EMDR therapy).
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  • Dr. Lee Pulos

    My patients prefer Sweep 3 to 1 over the EMDR stimulator.
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    I'm fairly jaded by 'gimmicks' and not easily impressed. Spectra however is really special and very impressive. Loved the instant meditative mental state that was stimulated. ...just the thing [that] alcohol treatment centres need. Unless there's ...
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